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Ann & Amy

Co-founders of HeartWork: Sustainable Faux Flower Wedding Decoration & Styling

HEARTWORK, a collaborative venture by Anndol Floral and Amyt Fleur, is a unique enterprise that brings together expertise in dried and preserved flowers, fresh flowers, and now, realistic faux flower decorations.

With a shared commitment to both floral artistry and environmental sustainability, the founders, Ann and Amy, have expanded their offerings to cater to a growing demand for sustainable and long- lasting wedding decorations.

Joint Venture: 2 Brands As 1

Anndol Floral, known for their dried and preserved flowers, and Amyt Fleur, for their expertise in fresh flowers, recognized the need for more eco-friendly alternatives in the wedding industry. This realization sparked their journey into the world of faux flower decoration, with the aim of offering high-quality, lifelike faux flowers that can be enjoyed and reused for years to come. The founders' deep passion for flowers, combined with their dedication to environmental preservation, has led them to curate a range of realistic faux flowers.

Our Passion and Beliefs

HEARTWORK embraces the beauty of nature and the artistry of floral design, offering a diverse selection of dried, preserved, fresh, and faux flowers. Whether clients seek the timeless elegance of dried and preserved flowers or the vibrant allure of fresh blooms, or even the versatility of faux flowers, HEARTWORK ensures that every creation is of the highest quality and crafted with utmost care.

By seamlessly blending their expertise in various floral realms, Ann and Amy have established HEARTWORK as a trusted destination for couples and event planners seeking eco-conscious, long-lasting, and visually stunning floral arrangements. With their unique vision, they continue to redefine the possibilities of floral artistry, leaving a lasting impression on weddings and events while promoting a sustainable future.

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